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The Best Time of Year to Rent

System - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Whether your favorite season is summer or winter, one thing’s clear: the best time of year to rent is in the frigid, cold of winter.

As the temperatures drop off, so do the market prices for homes. It turns out that the cold temperatures discourage a lot of people from finding their dream homes in the months of March-December. The busy holidays also probably deter residents from finding a new home when they’re too busy prepping dinner and decorating their homes for relatives and visitors to come over. However, if you plan accordingly and are able to move during this time of year, you can be in a better place to negotiate with landlords. 

On the other hand, as the temperature slowly rises, so do the rental prices follow quickly after. Months May-October are the worst times of the year to rent as college students come streaming in to find rental homes, rental units climb in price. I’d also add that it’s more convenient to move in the summer for most families, so as the need becomes more apparent, rental prices become more set in higher ranges as well. 

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