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Why Touch-Up Paint is Bad Idea

System - Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Your rental property is perfect! Well, almost perfect, if it wasn’t for just a tiny corner that needs a bit of touch-up paint. But wait! Before you head down to the store and buy the EXACT same brand and color of paint, take a minute to know why you would only be shortly disappointed by the results.

Regulations on manufacturing paint are constantly changing. So even if you buy the same paint from the same company, it doesn’t guarantee that the paint you bought is exactly the same as the paint that you bought a year ago. As regulations keep changing, paint companies have to adjust their formulas for their paint. If you really insist on touching up a paint job, make sure you buy the same paint that was manufactured the same year as your old paint. Otherwise, you’ll just have a glaring splotch of non matching paint on your wall that will haunt you for years as you can see below. 

As a renter, you can always contact your landlord for permission to repaint your walls. It’s a lot more work, but at least you can rest easy knowing that all the walls shines and glosses exactly the same throughout your home. 

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